What's the business size MicroSec offer support to?

We at MicroSec offer our services to micro business owners like grocery store, pizza shop, salon, café, restaurants, private practices etc.

What's the IT infrastructure you offer support to?

We provide support to businesses having between 1 to 3 computers.

What are the options MicroSec offer in terms of service duration?

We offer one time, quarterly and annual support only.

Why should I choose MicroSec compared to other providers?

The mission of MicroSec is to provide the best support for micro business owners and consumers with a completely different approach where we treat our customers as followers and not just a typical business relation.

Do you offer onsite and offsite support?

As we are a startup, we are offering offsite support only and over the time as we scale up with your support, we will notify our patrons about the onsite support.

What are the operating systems you provide support for?

We provide support for Windows, Mac, android and Apple.

Is there any additional fee apart from what's mentioned in the package?

The only additional fee apart from the pricing mentioned are for the cybersecurity services that you would choose to go ahead with which is completely your discretion as to what services you need.

Can I schedule a prior appointment for the services that I need?

Yes, you can schedule a prior appointment.

How do I know which Federal holiday you are closed?

We at MicroSec are active on our Google business page and if we are closed on a Federal Holiday, we would notify via the Google business profile which is just a click away.