Microsoft fixes edge update

In the latest tech hiccup, Microsoft had to hit the brakes on its latest Edge update, version 122.0.2365.63, after it turned browsing sessions into a crash fest, thanks to some pesky "Out of Memory" errors. Just picture this: You're minding your own business, surfing the digital waves or tweaking your browser settings, and bam! Edge throws a tantrum, claiming it's too pooped to proceed.

The update was unleashed into the wild, and almost immediately, the cries of dismay echoed through the internet corridors. Users from all corners, rocking Windows 10 and 11, started facing the digital equivalent of a door slammed in their face, with messages like "This page is having a problem" or the even less subtle "Not enough memory to open this page," complete with an "Out of Memory" stamp of doom.

A curious soul on Reddit shared their tale of woe, saying that post-update, Edge was essentially giving them the cold shoulder, refusing to load anything at all. It turned out the villain behind the scenes was the Enhanced Web Protection feature, set to 'Strict' mode, acting more like a bouncer than a guardian.

The workaround seemed simple: dial down the security settings to 'Basic' or turn off the "Enhance your security on the web" feature altogether, and voila, the web is your oyster again. That is, of course, if you could get to the settings without the browser conking out on you.

Acknowledging the uproar, Microsoft swiftly pulled the problematic update, reverting to version 122.0.2365.59 as the latest stable release. It's not their first rodeo with this bug, as Edge Canary users had previously spotted this gremlin lurking in the digital shadows. Although it was squashed in the Canary 124.0.2434.0 release, it seems someone at Microsoft missed the memo about keeping it out of the Stable channel.

As of late Friday afternoon, 3/2/24, there's good news! Microsoft has rolled out Edge 122.0.2365.66, a knight in shining armor aimed at banishing the "Out of Memory" dragon back to the digital depths from whence it came.

If you were one of the unlucky ones caught in this digital downpour, simply fire up Edge, navigate through the menu to Help > About, and let the auto-update magic whisk you away to a more stable, memory-error-free browsing experience.